New Member Resources


Our primary concern is that you grow spiritually. Do not become disenchanted if/when unfavorable situations occur; instead, commit them to God, who is perfect and does all things well. Remember, there can be no perfect church here on earth because there are no perfect people.


The 4 B’s

Now that you know; use the 4 B’s to keep you focused.

Be On Time:

Find out what time the service or event you are planning to attend begins. Plan accordingly considering drive time, placing children at appropriate location and finding a good seat.


Be Prepared:

•Come with an expectant and open heart

•Bring your Bible

•Bring a notepad and pen

•Bring your tithe and offerings


Be Involved:

During the course of a service, there will always be opportunities to be involved. Participate in whatever is going on at the time. Be sensitive to the flow of the Spirit. There are many worship expressions:

◦Sing when we sing

◦Clap your hands when we clap

◦Lift your hands when we worship

◦Stand when we stand


Be Aware:

Remember that a church service is a corporate experience. Those around us are affected by what we do or do not do.  Try to stay in the service from the start to finish. If you have to leave for any reason, please exit quietly and return at a convenient time.  The best time to leave and return is during corporate worship.


Below you will find resources to help guide you in your new venture in Christianity.  Click on the link below and enjoy the helpful information.