Mitchell Grove Baptist Church History




Mitchell Grove Baptist Church was originally founded in the year of 1904 by Brother Charlie Mitchell and Brother Lewis Mitchell. The meeting took place in a Brush Harbor.


The first pastor was Rev. Robert Takes, Charlie Mitchell was chairman, Lewis Mitchell and Roger Burton were deacons. The Brush Harbor was destroyed by fire, and another church structure was built. 


The second pastor was Rev. Harlifield Coleman. The third pastor was Rev. Minor. Fourth pastor was Rev. Warren Henry. Fifth pastor was Rev. Brad Poole, ordained as deacons were Thomas Clover, Green Lattimore, Jimmy Wilcher, Jessie Jones, and Thomas Alfred Pooler. Rev. Evans was the sixth pastor. In the year 1928 God called Deacon Jimmy Wilcher from labor to reward. 


Rev. H. Jones was the seventh pastor. Rev. Artis Morgan was the eight pastor. The deacons were Johnny Waters and Albert Hilson, Thomas Alfred Pooler was Chairman Deacon. In 1931, God called Deacon Green Lattimore and Deacon Jessie Jones from labor to reward. 


Rev. Scrathins, was the ninth pastor, Rev. Samuel Reese was the tenth pastor, ordained as deacons in 1935 were Robert Williams Scott, Johnnie Lee London, and John Curtis Stanley. In 1937, God called Deacon Jenral Wynn from Labor to reward. Rev. Norman Talton was the eleventh pastor.  


Mitchell Grove Baptist Church was used as a school for twenty-five years, from 1918 until 1943. This community was known as the Mitchell Grove Community. There were many classrooms in the church and the church had more than one teachers. The teachers were Ms. Vivian Reese, Ms. Annie Darrisaw and Ms. Mary Washington. A cemetery was also located in the church yard. There was also a big bell that sat in the church yard. The bell would be rung for school and to alert everyone that a funeral was coming. The school would be interrupted by a funeral from time to time. In 1943, the school moved into the city limits of Wrightsville, GA. In 1955, all of the students of the Mitchell Baptist Church School were relocated to Doc Kemp School. 


Rev. A.J. Johnson was the twelfth pastor; Deacons who served at that time were Thomas Alfred Pooler and Robert William Scott. Rev. H. B. Ringwood was the thirteenth pastor. Ordained as deacons were Will Spanks, Robert L. Pooler, John W. Pooler, Sr., Jessie B. Pooler, Thomas W. Pooler, Fred Wright, Willie B. Denson, and Alfred Taylor.   In 1950 God called Deacon Will Spanks from labor to reward and in 1951, God called Deacon Fred Wright from labor to reward. 


In 1953, Deacon Robert L. Pooler preached his trial sermon and was licensed the same year. In 1955, God called Deacon Thomas Clover and Deacon John Curtis Stanley from labor to reward. In 1955, on the first Sunday in January, Rev. R. L. Pooler was ordained and began his ministry. In 1955, Deacon T. W. Pooler was licensed for ministry, and in May 1956, he was ordained and began his ministry. Fourteenth pastor was Rev. Charles Brown, Sr., who was called in November 1957.  In the 1960's the old church was torn down. 


The members conducted service in a house a few blocks up the road east of here. On September 2, 1962, we moved into our new church. On June 29, 1964, Deacon Robert William Scott was called from labor to reward.   On July 4, 1976 four deacons were ordained Bro. Earnest Scott, Bro. Jerry Pooler, Bro. John W. Pooler, Jr., and Bro. Oliver Taylor. 


On February 28, 1979, God called Deacon Thomas Alfred Pooler from labor to reward. On June 30, 1979, Deacon Jesse B. Pooler was elected Chairman Deacon. On October 4, 1981 a Youth Department was organized and youth pastors were called, first Rev. Edmond D. Pointer and next Rev. Eddie D. Smith.   On December 4, 1982, Deacon John W. Pooler, Sr., was elected Chairman Deacon and Deacon Earnest Scott was Assistant Chairman. Rev. Charles Brown Sr., was called from labor to reward on April 1, 1985. 


Rev. Larry Harvey preached here at Mitchell Grove Baptist Church on Homecoming Day on September 1, 1985. He was called as pastor the same year. He became the fifteenth pastor on October 6, 1985. On June 19, 1988, Bro. Verlis W. Pooler and Bro. Leroy Pooler were ordained as Deacons. Bro. Curtis Green was ordained as deacon in August 1989. 


On October 11, 1993, God called Deacon Alfred Taylor from labor to reward, December 21, 1993, God called Deacon Willie. B. Denson from labor to reward.   In November 1993, Bro. Sidney Lattimore preached his trial sermon and was licensed and ordained the same night. On February 1995, Bro Freddie Pooler, Sr. and Bro. Roy Lee Taylor were ordained as Deacons. On February 27, 1999 Deacon Earnest Scott was elected Chairman Deacon and Deacon Oliver Taylor was Assistant Chairman. 


On April 11, 1999, Bro. Thomas Greg Pooler and Bro. Thomas Scott were ordained as deacons. June 20, 2000, Deacon Earnest Scott was called from labor to reward. On July 1, 2000 Deacon Oliver Taylor was elected Chairman, and Deacon Freddie Pooler, Sr., was Assistant Chairman. 


On September 24, 2001, God called Deacon Jessie B. Pooler from labor to reward. On March 16, 2003, Bro Willie Clover, Jr. was ordained as deacon. January 5, 2004, God called Rev. R. L. Pooler from labor to reward. On July 12, 2006, God call Rev. Larry Donald Harvey from labor to reward. 


Mitchell Grove Baptist Church presented the Installation Service for Rev. Ricky Bernard Stanley, Sunday, February 18, 2007. He was called as pastor, and he became the sixteenth pastor. Under the leadership of Pastor Stanley the following ministries were formed: In December 2007 the Mitchell Grove Male Choir was formed, Bro. Johnny May serves as Choir President, Sis Anita Hill served as Keyboardist, Bro. Rico Blackshear served as lead guitarist, Bro. Jesse Robinson, Sr. Serves as Bass Guitarist, Bro Jesse Robinson, Jr., Serves as Drummer. The Singles Ministry, Minister Maxine Garcia serves as Advisor. The Youth Advisory Ministry was formed and the following ministries were added; Christ-4-Life Praise Dance Ministry, Unlimited Praise Dance Ministry and the Drama Ministry.  Also the Video Ministry was introduced. On May 24, 2009 Deacon Ted Pooler was ordained as Deacon. On May 17, 2010, Deacon Leroy Pooler was laid to rest. May 2010 the Praise Ensemble Choir Ministry was formed. In April 2011 Bro. Randy Cooper was hired as the full time Minister of Music. 


Past & Present Church Mothers who served are

Sis. Lula B. Lattimore, Sis. Alice Wilcher, Sis. Elizabeth Johnson. Sis. Mamie Cason, Sis. Hattie B. Pooler,  Sis. Hattie M. Pooler, and Sis. Gertha Scott. The mother who currently serves is Mother Dorothy O'Neal and Sis. Rosia Mae Martin is the Assistant Mother. 


Past & Present Church Secretaries: 

Sis. Beulah Mathis, Deacon Thomas Clover, Deacon Thomas C. London, Sis. Gertha Scott, Sis. Mattie L. Scott, and Deacon John W. Pooler, Sr. On June 1971 Sis. Leretha Taylor Roberts was elected Church Secretary, who served until 1987. On April 4, 1987, Sis. Brenda Taylor Wright was elected and served as secretary until April 3, 1993. Sis. Rose A. Martin is currently serving as church secretary and Sis Rosa L. Stephens assistant secretary. 


Usher Board: 

Sis. Thurlin Wright - President 

Sis. Rosia M. Martin - Assistant 


Adult Choir President: Past & Present 

Sis. Lillie B. Jordan 

Sis. Mildred Pooler

Sis. Annie R. Hodges

Sis. Rosa L. Stephens

Sis. Jevonda Knight, currently serving. 


Youth Choir President: Past  

Sis. Veronica Brown 

Sis Valery Pooler  


Male Choir President 

Bro. Johnny May 

Bro. Eric Stanley - Currently serves 


Sunday School Superintendent: 

Deacon Thomas Scott  

Deacon Willie Clover, Jr. - Assistant 


Sunday School Teachers: 

Evangelist Sharon King 

Minister Tremaine Tarver 

Deacon Greg Pooler 

Deacon Ted Pooler 

Sis. Janice Clover


Sunday School Secretary: 

Sis. Rosia M. Martin 


Church Reporter 

Sis. Janice Clover 


Bible Study Teachers 

Pastor Ricky B. Stanley 

Minister Tremaine Tarver 

Evangelist Maxine Garcia 


Former Kitchen Committee: 

Sis. Mildred Pooler  

Sis. Carol Williams 

Sis. Linda Isaac  

Assigned as Needed 


Married Couples Ministry 

Deacon Ted & Sister Linda Pooler 

Bro. J.C & Sis. Jevonda Knight - Currently Serving 


Singles Ministry 

Minister Maxine Garcia 

Sis. Danyelle O’Neal 


Christ-4-Life Praise Dance Ministry 

Sis. Teresa Isaac 

Sis. Melissa Brantley 


Unlimited Praise Dance Ministry 

Sis. Lavern Martin 


Drama Ministry 

Deacon Greg Pooler 

Deacon Ted Pooler 


Youth Ushers Ministry 

Sis. Thurlin May
Sis. Rosia M. Martin - currently serves


Former Youth Coordinator: Past  

Sis. Eleanor Payne 

Sis. Kim Taylor 


Missionary Department: Past and Present 

Sis. Calen Pooler 

Sis. Linda Isaac

Sis. Loretha Roberts - currently serves


The Pastor & Deacon Ministry currently serving: 

Rev. Ricky Stanley, Pastor 

Deacon Oliver Taylor, Chairman  

Deacon Johnnie Pooler, Sr. 

Deacon Verlis Pooler, Vice Chairman

Deacon Curtis Green 

Deacon Thomas G. Pooler 

Deacon Thomas Scott 

Deacon Willie Clover, Jr. 

Deacon Ted Pooler 


As we honor the founders and great members past and present lets keep in mind Jesus Christ is the ROCK We Continue to Stand On!!!!